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At last here is a working Godaddy renewal coupon code and a method to get Godaddy Discount Domain Club at 55% discount. You can get 20% off on domain renewal prices using this coupon and trick. Before proceeding to the promo code, we will see a method to get Godaddy Discount Domain club at 55% off.  –

Many of you will be thinking is Godaddy Discount Domain club worth it? If you ask me, I will say “Yes”, but with some conditions. Let me explain a little bit about Godaddy discount club.

Godaddy Discount Domain Club

This is a special membership plan offered by Godaddy. By subscribing to Godaddy discount domain club, you can get discounted rates for domain registration, renewals and transfers of many domain extensions.  There is a membership fee for DDC. So if you have at least 10 domains in your Godaddy account, it will be highly beneficial. You will get the following services with discount domain club.

  1. Discounted Domain Registrations and Renewals
  2. Free Godaddy Premium Cash Parking
  3. Free GoDaddy Auctions Membership
  4. Godaddy Domain Buy Service at discounted rate

Example pricing of some domain extensions are given below. 

  •  .com $ 8.29* – 44% Off 
  • .net $ 8.99* – 47% Off
  •  .org $ 11.99* – 40% Off 
  • .info $ 9.99* – 41% Off
  •  .biz – $ 11.99* – 40% Off
  • .co – $ 24.99 – 16% Off

But for enjoying these services, you have to purchase the package. It costs $119.88 for 1 year. Here is the most important point. What about using some Godaddy Discount Domain Club Coupon and bring the price further down? You will see lot of coupon providers claiming discount on Godaddy Discount Domain Club. But none of them will give you discount more than 28.5%.. Forget all other coupons!!

I am giving you 55% discount, ie 1 year for $55, 2 year for $105 and 3 year for $154. Try the method I describe here and get huge off  on Godaddy Discount Domain Club Membership!!. 
It is clear that the more domains in your account, the more profit you get by subscribing to Godaddy Discount Domain Club. 
Below are the steps to get 55% off on discount domain club.

  • Click on this link and go to Domains -> Domain Investor Tools -> Discount Domain Club purchase page.
  • Select the length of service you need and click on Add to Cart, I have selected 1 year.
  • The package will be added to your Cart and price will be $119.88 Now see the bottom of the Cart Page and change the currency to ARS $- Agentine Peso.
  • The price will get updated to ARS $1,918.99 which is equal to  $ 76.62 USD. Now click on Promo Code and add the coupon CJCRMN35 and click Apply.  Coupon will get applied and price will get reduced to ARS $1,372.14 which is equal to $ 54.78 USD !!

 Pay with your credit card and enjoy Godaddy Discount Domain club at rock bottom price. Note that there will be Taxes and Fees based on your country. But still you will not get such huge discount at any other place, isn’t it? I recommend purchasing Godaddy Discount Domain club for a longer period like 2 year or 3 year to maximize the discount and avoid renewal fees. For More information, please see:

Latest Godaddy Renewal Coupon 2021

Godaddy offers big discounts for new domain registrations. An example is the Godaddy 99 cent domain coupons which will help you to register .com domains for USD 0.99 for 1 year.

After 1 year, when the time for domain renewal comes, you will get astonished by seeing the higher renewal rates. Typically the .com renewal rate is $14.99 which is high when compared to most other registrars. Hence people desperately search for Godaddy renewal coupon codes. Earlier there was a widely used USD 7.49 Godaddy domain renewals coupon. Unfortunately,now Godaddy has stopped offering renewal coupons in public domain. Instead, they are giving such renewal promo codes privately, specific to every account. It is worth to note that not all Godaddy users will get renewal coupons. They occasionally issue promo codes to some accounts. How they are selecting such accounts? Nobody can give a solid answer. But don’t worry, I have found a very good way to get a Godaddy renewal coupon code specific to your account. Read it below.

20% Off Godaddy Renewal Coupon 2021

Follow the below steps to get a Godaddy Renewal coupon with 20% discount. 

Step 1: Open your Godaddy Account and Goto Domain Manager and Select the domain and click on “Renew domain “

Step 2: Choose the renewal length as 1 year and click next. The domain will get added to the cart. 

Step 3: Within the cart, you will see a Chat Now button to chat with customer support. Click on it and ask them a discount in renewing your domain. They will give 20% off. Follow their instructions. Continue with the order and make payment using Credit card or Paypal. Remember that this coupon can only be added by the Godaddy support staff from their end. Once they apply this Godaddy renewal coupon, your cart will always show the 20% discounted price. Given below is another alternative method to Godaddy domain renewal coupon code.

Change Currency to INR

If you change the currency in Godaddy Cart to INR(Indian Rupee), the total renewal price of .com domains is INR 711 which is approximately 10.47 US Dollars. This is significantly less than the regular price in USD($14.99). This trick is equivalent to a 30% off Godaddy renewal coupon. Note that users from other countries will have to pay using Credit Card in order to use INR. Paypal is not supported for payments in Indian Rupee. Note:Due to the application of new Government taxes, people from India will have to pay 18% GST which further increases the price. Also if you have a GSTIN number, you can get it added by calling Godaddy customer care and can avoid the 18% tax.

How to get a working Godaddy Renewal coupon?

Now back to the initial question: How to get a Godaddy renewal coupon which is specific to your account? Here is the method. It is not rocket science; anyone can try the steps summarized below. To get such promo codes, follow the below steps.

  1. Usually you will get email reminders for domain renewals from Godaddy well before the scheduled expiry, may be before 3 months. When Godaddy sends you the first domain renewal notice email, click on the link in it and go to the renewal purchase page. In the cart you will find the regular price.
  2. Continue till the payment page. But do not make any payment and simply close the browser.
  3. As you have shown interest in renewing the product,there is very high chance that Godaddy may sent you a special domain renewal coupon in the coming days.

How to Renew Godaddy Domains.

Godaddy is the registrar who will send you the maximum number of domain renewal reminder notices through email. Godaddy will start sending email reminders about your domain renewal and ask you to update your billing information around 2-3 months prior to scheduled expiry date. Sometimes they will call you and remind about the up coming renewal.

  1. When you receive such domain renewal notice email, login to your Godaddy Account Manager and goto My Renewals and choose the domains to renew. They will be highlighted in red color. Here I am assuming that you are renewing a .com domain.
  2. Now select the renewal time length. It is better to go for 1 year time period to try the renewal coupons. Remember to not to add any Addon services or products and click on “Go to Cart”.
  3. Inside the Cart, the price of .com domain renewal will be shown as $ 15.17 inclusive of the ICANN Fee. Now Click on “Promotional Code” button and input the Godaddy Renewal Coupon code.
  4. If you see the prices reduced, the coupons are working for you. Or else if you get error message “invalid/expired promo code” or the price does not change even though the coupon gets successfully applied, the coupon code is not valid for you.

You can refer to Godaddy Promo Codes for some other Godaddy coupon codes which are useful for new purchases. They give discounts on Godaddy Hosting, Domain Privacy , Godaddy SSL Certificates etc. For example you will get Godaddy Web Hosting for $1 per month with a free domain name! Also Read: Godaddy 99 cent domain coupon codes. Here are the latest Godaddy Hosting Coupon codes. Godaddy offers the cheapest web hosting packages among the hosting industry. At Godaddy,you can even get web hosting for $1 per month using the below mentioned Godaddy Hosting Coupon codes. These Godaddy promo codes are valid only for the first billing. Hence it is recommended that to purchase hosting for a longer period.

Godaddy Hosting Coupon Codes

There are mainly 3 types of Shared Hosing plans at Godaddy. They are, Economy ,Deluxe and Ultimate. If you have only one website, you may go for Economy plan. Most people go for the Deluxe plan which can host unlimited sites and it offers unlimited bandwidth. Also all these hosting plans includes a free domain name. If you need more resources, you can go for VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting. They are coslier compared to shared hosting, but offers more power for resource hungry websites with huge traffic, images or self hosted videos. Godaddy VPS and Dedicated Hosting are available with Linux or Windows operating systems. The control panel will be CPanel or Plesk.

Important Points

  • There is a 30 days money back guarantee for Godaddy Hosting. So if you are not satisfied, call them within 30 days and get a full refund. In case of hosting cancellation, you will have to delete the free domain also.
  • Payment options like Paypal, Credit card etc will depend upon your currency.
  • Free domain is available for 1 year or longer plans only.
  • All offers are available for first billing cycle of new customers only.

Some Quick Facts about Godaddy Hosting

  1. If your domain name is registered with Godaddy, you can avail 1 click setup for your hosting
  2. Godaddy Customer service is pretty fast. They have call centers in all main countries which are reachable through local phone numbers.
  3. They offer 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.
  4. Free domain name.
  5. Free daily backups. You can restore with single click!

Like I said above, Godaddy Web Hosting is perfectly OK if your website is lightweight. If you have a resource hungry website, it is better to go for Hostgator Hosting. See the page Hostgator Coupon codes for some exclusive coupons which will give 71% discount.

More about Godaddy Domain Expiry Process

The process of domain name expiry and deletion are different for various tlds and various Registrars. A concise description from Godaddy website is given below with FAQs. This will help you to decide when to try the Godaddy renewal coupon codes and avoid any extra fees like the Redemption charges.

Can I renew my domain name after it expires?

In many cases, yes. It depends upon your domain name’s extension and its registry rules.If the registry for your domain name extension allows it, we hold your expired domain name for a few days waiting for you to renew it. For many domain name extensions (such as .com, .net, and .org) there is a grace period allowing you to renew the domain name after expiration without penalty. After the grace period for these extensions, you must pay a redemption fee plus the cost of regular renewal if you want to keep the domain name.For some domain name extensions, primarily country code (ccTLD) extensions, there is no grace period. Once the domain name expires, you must pay a redemption fee plus renewal to keep the domain name. For more details refer to this page. There is an official Godaddy Youtube channel which contains lots of tutorials and guides. You can see the video below which explains the domain name transfer process.So let me conclude this article. If you were able to save your hard earned money using the above Godaddy Renewal Coupon codes or other methods given above, share the joy by commenting below!

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